In the nothingness, where I’m blinded by the dark shadows of yesterday haunting me, I will find You and know that I am safe with You.
In the quietness I will smell Your sweet fragrance and know that You are with me – close to me, never leaving my side.
In the stillness I will hear Your soft, familiar voice, calling me, whispering my name, testifying to my heart that I am a child of God. In the darkness where evil lurks around every corner and fear is waiting to grab a hold of me, I will see You draw near to me when I feel all alone.
In the coldness when the sun refuses to shine and the wind is ripping through my being, You will be the warmth that keeps me going through the storm.
In my brokenness I will see Your light shining through the cracks of my heart, like a treasure for all the world to see that You will always bring victory out of pain.
In my emptiness I will feel You making me full of who You are pouring your love out on me and filling me with Your Holy Spirit.
In my weakness I will lift my hands in praise and sing a new song to You my King for it’s Your joy that gives me strength.
In my numbness I will feel You bringing me back to life as You breathe into my lungs and restore my soul.
In the goodness of Your grace You take me in and cherish me like I’m worth my weight in gold and you look at me as though I have never sinned.
In the fierceness of Your love You hold me and I can hear Your heart beat as You pull me closer to Your chest, and You love me like there is no one else to love.
In the fullness of Your embrace I feel Your kindness and mercy as You touch my innermost being and heal my heart.
In the faithfulness of who You are You took my face in Your loving hands, looked me in the eyes and said that You’ll always be by my side and You’ll never let me go…

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