With Me, you never have to be ashamed or hide yourself away. I know you, I know everything about you- everything you’ve done, every thought that crosses your mind… But regardless of all that, I love you! Nothing you do can make Me love you less. I am love… And I have such a need to pour it all out on you. My arms are open – run into My embrace without hesitation. I want to hold you close to My heart and lavish My love on you.

I am here to catch you when you fall and help you get back up again. I am here to comfort you in your times of need and to dry every tear that rolls down your face for they are so precious to Me and my heart breaks when I see you broken like that. Broken because of all the lies that satan got you to believe…

I promise You that every time You need Me, You’ll be met by love and grace and I will never turn My back on you – for I desire intimacy with you. My love for you is fierce. My love covers a multitude of sin. Don’t shy away and let go of Me because of guilt and shame, instead run back to me, seek my face, I promise You will find me. I know the world makes you believe that I am the one that lets go – but I am still right here waiting for you, right here where you left Me. I am patiently waiting for you to come back to Me My beloved.

I know the world teaches you a different type of love- something that is so wicked and full of lust it can’t even be called love. Come back to Me, let Me teach you what true love is. The world is shouting at you from many directions and its managed to distract you – but if you listen in the stillness you’ll hear My whisper- My voice is still the same. I have not forsaken you, you need to discipline your ear and tune in again to hear Me in the chaos of the world’s loudness.

You are worth every drop of blood that I have shed and I would do it all over again if it means that I could spend eternity with you. You are the apple of My eye – and if the enemy touches you he touches Me.. because we are one. You were made for victory My bride – lift up your head and look into the eyes of your Lord. Don’t loose heart. I am with you all the way, and I will be returning for you soon.

I love You.


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