Jesus, You are my Lord and Savior – You are my world. I am nothing without You. You came into my life and changed me from the inside out, Your love and kindness lead me to repentance. You are wonderful and glorious, and I desperately want to know more of You. Come and do whatever You want to do in my heart. I belong to You and You alone. You loved me before I was born, You chose me before I even knew of You. Lord, You have been so gracious to me, and wherever I go Your grace keeps following me. Lord, Your love blows my mind. I have never known love like Yours, ever. Your love is pure, unconditional and true – nothing like the love of a human. Your love is liberating, it’s fierce and I cannot run or hide from Your love, You’re always with me. Every time I need You and seek Your face, I am met by love. Your arms are always open waiting for me to run into Your embrace. Your love is calling my name – You know my name. Your love crashed over my like a mighty wave, overwhelmed my senses and consumed my whole being. Lord I long to be with You, in Your presence, forever. My soul yearns for You. Every time I fall, You were there to clean my wounds and help me get up again. You never hide yourself from me, and You gave all of You so that I may be free. You are the lover of my soul – You are the reason that I live. You always keep Your promises, You are the same today, yesterday and tomorrow.

Lord I surrender all of me once again, every part of my heart I give to You, knowing that I am safe in Your hands. Lord, mold me and guide me, lead me in Your ways. Strip me of the things that is not of You, so that I will only bare good fruit, fruit that represents You. Lord empty me of me and fill me anew with Your Spirit, so that people will have a taste of who You are when they cross my path. Lord send me to do Your work, use me to bring glory to Your name. Anoint my lips, hands and feet so that I may minister Your love to the broken hearted and lost people. Lord, walk beside me, and never let me go. Please don’t ever take Your Spirit from me. Guide me on the road to holiness. Take my heart and transform it to Your will Father. Let my will be conformed to Your will, and may Your will be done in and through my life.

Lord You showed me grace, You lifted my shame and guilt, and You took it all upon You. You paid my dept and died in my place. Lord I owe You my life, and therefore I want to serve You with all I have until I breathe my very last breath. Lord I am Yours!! When I meditate on Your word and on what You’ve done for me, I cannot help but to stand in awe of who You are – You are the great I am. I cannot run from You, You always find me when I take the wrong path, and Your mercy draws me back to Your heart. You never give up on me, even though I have given up so many times before. You never let go of me, even if I let go of Your hand. You care so much to put Yourself in my circumstances and in my storm and You find me wherever I am.

Lord create in me a heart that understands, a heart that accepts and loves like You do. Create in me a heart for Your people. For those that are lost in the world. Help me to see beyond their sinful actions, and to see them the way You see them. Lord teach me to love them and to hurt for them, instead of being hurt by them. Lord, give me a burning desire for You and Your people, to show them the way to You.



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