She fell to her knees, bleeding, her soul shattered to pieces.. She hated herself, for the wrong decisions that she has made, despised herself for the pain that she is going through.. She suffered from rejection and worthlessness. She was overwhelmed by pain and sorrow, by guilt and shame. She was drowning in the sea of bitterness and regret. Her body was weak, her spirit crushed, nothing was left of her. All hope was lost.. until..

She met Him…
She felt His gentle touch. She felt His love, His presence. She knew it was Him eventhough she never really knew Him before this encounter. She saw love in His eyes – a love that no human could ever give her. She reached out to touch His hands and felt the holes that the nails made when He bore her cross. She realised that He died for Her – she is bought at such a high price, He values her.
He showed her an ocean of tears – her tears, He caught every tear that she has ever cried, He was there each time she cried out to Him. When His gaze caught her focus she saw in His eyes a beautiful reflection of herself as He has made her – without the raged, bloody, clothes that she was wearing, without the scars and bruises that she was carrying from her past. As He looked at her, tears rolled down His face, washing her of every unclean word and curse that was spoken over her life. Freeing her of the stronghold of satan’s lies, healing her heart, changing her orphan mentality by adopting her into His royal family – His Holy Spirit now testifying to her spirit who she is in Him.
She laid her head on His chest and weeped, surrendering every twisted perspective that she held on to for so long. She gave Him every part of her heart and parted with all the bitterness and unforgiveness. She laid down what was dear to her, every lost hope and broken dream, her aborted ministry and disappointments, she gave it all to Him knowing that He will restore or make all things new.
She felt safe in His loving embrace and she felt a peace that can’t be explained. She knew she is accepted and that He will never leave her.

He clothed her in white for she is now made pure, and anointed her for a Godly purpose. He gave her grace as a necklace and the ministry of reconciliation of lost people’s hearts back to God, as a bracelet. He crowned her with holiness and she wore righteousness in her ears. He equiped her with a sword to defeat the enemy that will try to attack her. He dressed her for glory – to glorify the name of Jesus Christ, her Lord and Saviour.


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