I am just a breath of air in a hurricane wind, but still I am someone to You – the God who made the wind.
I am merely a wave in the sea of this world’s pain and sadness, but still I am someone to You that You chose me for your plan.
I am just a pettle falling from a dying flower, but you chose to pick me up and use me in Your master piece.
I am a nobody in a world full of somebodies, but you called me by my name, and adopted me into Your family – I am royalty.
I am a leaf, perishable and fragile, that changes colour as the seasons changes and dies when the winter comes, still You lavish me with Your love and kindness even though I can’t withstand the tough seasons and can’t be depended on.
I am made of dust and air, but You value me so much that You still hear my cry and catch me when I fall, You dry my tears and carry my burdens.
I am a failure, a wicked human being with a sinful nature who deserve death, but You had mercy on me and sent Your only Son to die on the cross in my place so that I may live.
I am just one in 7 billion people on this earth whom I mean nothing to – but You’ve shown me who I am – I belong to You, I am Yours.

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