Lord You go before me, leading me on the path of righteousness, into holiness. You’ve been fully human, and lived the life I live today, You are the perfect example. You were tempted just like I am tempted – yet you were strong in faith and You depended on the Father for guidance, no matter how hard it was, no matter the cost. You, God of all, came to earth and humbled Yourself, born of a virgin in a stall, a vulnerable human baby dependent on His mother to be taken care of. You, the King of kings, became sin so that I may be free, so that I may become the righteousness of Christ. You’ve made the biggest sacrifice of all, in the history of mankind – You gave it all, put it all on the line for me when I was still a sinner, for just a possibility that I might accept You as my Lord and Saviour. You had no guarantee, yet you gave Your life in exchange for my freedom. You loved me even though I was the one that crucified You. You’ve chosen me even though I was the one to crown You with a crown of thorns and stab You in Your side… You knew my heart was wicked and my soul was damned to hell – which I deserved, but still You took my cross, without hesitation, and carried the wages of all my past and future sin, my pain, my sickness… Before I knew of You, You already valued me, and paid my dept. You took me in, cut covenant with me – a human who could only bring dept to this covenant. Still You chose to give me all of You and take all of me – what a beautiful exchange. Sometimes when I feel discouraged or beaten down by life’s challenges, I know I can just look into Your loving eyes – for it’s You who renew my strenght and build my faith. You’re the One who sustains me, You’re my provider. You’re the source of life. You made the way for me to be reconciled to the Father and to spent eternity with You, my Bridegroom. I will worship You with my whole life, with every breath I take – until we are united as One when You come back for me – Your bride.

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