Lord You came and overwhelmed my senses.  My fleshly body responded to Your presence as my spirit connected to yours and my soul cried out and worshipped You with all that I am. You came with a gentle wind, Your Spirit hovering over Your people inhabitting our praises.

In Your presence there is freedom for those bound by the shackles of hell. There is freedom where Your spirit moves – You set the captives free and open prison doors. You are Healer – where Your spirit is, sickness and disease have no more power, they melt away like wax in Your presence. Your holy fire burns up the enemy, purifies every heart and sets us ablaze once again. In Your presence there is rest for the tired and weary, peace for the anxious, love for the fearful.

We stand in awe of who You are Lord. You never cease to amaze us. Your light is shining through every dark heart, exposing satan’s plans and lies, delivering people from strongholds. You are the Miracle Marker – giving supernatural provision in people’s life’s. You breathe over us and give life to the darkness, faith to the hopeless and strenght to the weak. You are the Restorer, the Redeemer, the great I am. You go before us, and lead us into holiness. You came and rescued us from ashes and created something beautiful out of nothing. You gave Yourself to us, and took all our dept and paid it all. Your eyes are full of love, drawing our hearts to You with Your kindness and grace.

How could it be that a God like You would love someone like me – made from dust. How could it be that You know me and want to be in relationship with me, that You love me as if there is no other? How could it be that the Lord who breathed stars, that calms storms by speaking a word, and holds the universe in the palm of His hand, how could it be that the God who made everything, decided that the earth needed one of me too? And if that’s not enough, You even numbered the hair on my head…

My heart is overwhelmed by who You are and by Your unconditional love for the human race. May we learn to seek You diligently and be obedient to Your word. May our love for You grow so fierce that we’ll be able to die to ourselves completely in order to fully live for you.


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